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Fundraiser Information

By Erica Doyle, 08/01/22, 12:00PM CDT


Instructions on How to enter you card sales with Cash Check or Credit Card have been added to Fundraiser information.

Hello Families!


As stated in the Parent's Meeting our Launch Dates for the Kick Off that you MUST be at one of the following: 


Monday October 24 @ 5:45 pm-6:30 pm

Tuesday October 25 @ 5:45 pm-6:30 pm


If you are participating in selling the fundraiser you have to make it to one of these times to get your player(s) set up properly for selling their cards and you will receive their cards at this time! This app that you will download will give you access to track your players cash/check sales and gives you access to accept CC payments. Not only will this allow you access to their progress it will make it simpler when it comes time to turn in your Funds!


This will also give you an opportunity to ask our Fundraising Rep any questions you have.


Non-League Players 


**To Sell 10 cards @ $25.00


Bonus: If they sell 12 in the first 72 hours they will receive a T-Shirt with their team logo on it!


League Players


To Sell 15 cards @ $25.00


**If they sell 12 in the first 72 hours they will receive a T-Shirt with their team logo on it!


**If they sell 25 cards they will earn a UA Hoodie and 4 Free Cards to sell and they can keep the profits from those 4 cards


**If they sell 35 cards they will earn the UA Hoodie w/the 4 free cards & an UA Backpack +2 more cards


**If they sell 50 cards they will earn the UA Hoodie + 4 free cards, UA Backpack + 2 free cards & the choice of a $250 Watch or $125 Voucher + 2 more cards.


Additionally every time they sell another 15 past 50 they will earn $25 added to their Voucher. 


Reminder these cards are similar to what the area schools sold for Football, BUT different because our Association has students in several towns we are having 6 One Time Use coupons and then access to the QR code to download their app which gives you access to over 300,000 coupons all across Iowa, some parts of SD and MN.


Since Kick Off will be on Oct 24 & 25 you will be able to begin selling Oct 25-November 26. 

This means you will have a FULL MONTH to get your cards sold!


As we get further into November and the schedule comes out for games I will be in touch of when we will have the turn in night for the money! For all of you who chose to participate in fundraising THANK YOU!!!


Contact Kayla Mosterd