Volunteer Credits Policy

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the expectations and requirements of the members of the Sioux Center Hockey Association.  SCHA relies on its members to contribute to all of the tasks required for a youth hockey season. 

Families of mini-mite and mite age players will be required to earn 20 volunteer credits.  Families of squirt, pee wee, bantam and girls and boys JV and Varsity age players will be required to earn 25 volunteer credits.  The maximum volunteer commitment is 50 volunteer credits per family.

Credit Requirements



Per Skater

Family Max











X-Ice Only





*If this is the first year anyone in your family has ever played hockey, the credit requirement is 10 credits per player with a family maximum of 25.


SCHA uses the Dibs feature on our SportsEngine website to claim and track jobs so these credits are often referred to as “Dibs”.  You can view available credits by logging in to the tornadoeshockey.com website.  You can view available jobs on the Dibs tab.  You can view your progress by clicking on My Dibs.  

 *it is easiest to track these hours if you choose one player (such as the oldest) to use and select that player name when claiming all jobs*


It is preferred that families volunteer to ensure that duties are fulfilled within the SCHA.  However, families who do not wish to volunteer have the option of "buying out".   Credits may be bought out at the beginning of the season (must be done at registration).  Unfulfilled credits at the end of the season will be charged at a rate of $20/Dib.  Players with outstanding bills from the previous season will not be able to participate until credits are paid. 

How to Earn Credits 

The following is a list of possible positions and their credit values that parents/families can earn toward their agreement with SCHA.  The time frame to earn these credits begins April 1 and continues to March 30.  Extra credits earned are appreciated by the association but cannot be carried over to the next playing season.  Previously earned credits are not transferable to other families.  If you wish to earn credits for another family, the receiving family must claim the dib online prior to the shift.  They must claim the dib to credit their own player and list you as the fulfiller.  If you would like to claim a job that you do not have experience completing, reach out to your team manager to help connect you with another volunteer who can help you learn the details of the job.  When reporting for a game-day or concession shift, please sign-in to make sure you receive credit.