Any player wanting to play out of their age group will need approval from the advisory committee. The advisory committee will use the following rules as guidelines to help the decision making:


1.       Any proposed movement between age groups must be approved by the Coaching Advisory Committee, hereafter CAD, player, parents, and all coaches involved. Determining factors involved in allowing movement between age groups that are reviewed and evaluated are:


i.                     Movement of player will not reduce lower level team numbers to a count less than 13 skaters + goaltenders.

ii.                   Greatest emphasis will be placed on LTAD. Will this player benefit in their growth and development at the next level?

iii.                 All player movement shall be evaluated on an annual basis.


1.       If above criteria is met:


i.                     Player will participate in a tryout process which involves 1-2 weeks of practice after other fall sports conclude.

ii.                    Player will be evaluated by at least 2 neutral persons, selected by the advisory committee.

iii.                  If through this tryout process, the player meets criteria to move up, the advisory committee, the parents/player, and coaches will be notified.

iv.                 Safety will be a consideration in making a final decision.

v.                   All decisions are final.


1.       Process for requesting movement is as follows:


i.                     Coaches/parents/player making request to the CAD

ii.                   CAD considers player numbers in the respective age groups, ability

iii.                 CAD will confer with coaches for their input

iv.                 CAD will determine whether or not player may try out