SCHA Team Policies

The SCHA Board of Directors (board) has established a set of guidelines for helping to establish team policies.


The board considers the following items team functions and may have rules established by coaches for team policy:

  1. Team Functions
    • Team Meetings
    • Team Meals unless out of town (if it is only the team, or attendees are specified)
    • Banquets
    • Film Study
    • Conditioning activities
    • Games
    • Practices
    • Game prep time (up to 90 min prior)
  2. Curfews
  3. Cell phone use during team functions or regarding a team’s coaches, players, or functions


The following items can and possibly should have recommendations for team policy but aren’t to be enforced or punishable by coaches:

  1. Any activity that requires money to participate
    • Conditioning/Off-ice training
      • Swimming at ASC
      • Conditioning at paid gyms
  2. Meals while out of town for away games
  3. Hotel stays
    • Where players/parents/others stay
    • Swimming or other activities
  4. Activities while out of town for away games
  5. Travel to and from team functions – unless travel is provided by the association
    • Games
    • Practices
    • Meals
  6. Cell phone use outside of defined parameters above


If it is determined that a player is punished because of reasons that aren’t to be enforced by coaches, the issue will be reviewed by the coaching director and/or board members.


If additional clarification is needed, please reach out to the SCHA Board of Directors.