Welcome to SCHA Concessions:

You will receive an email with the lock code number for the key box outside the door. Contact Abigail Hernandez 712-449-5417 if you don’t receive it.

Please sign on the sign in sheet on the clipboard to receive credit.

Directions are found by each station.

Open and close checklist is located on the door.

No one under 14 is to be in the concessions.

Must be with an adult at 14-16 years old.

Stay out if you’re not scheduled.

Close concessions at the start of the 3rd period No Earlier. Remember shift times are only an estimate.

In regards to charging look by the registers.

Please do not exchange dollars for quarters. We run out in concessions. There is a change machine by the vending machines or they may ask at the swim desk.

BE A GOOD HOST- SCHA has the opportunity to host other hockey associations. We want them to feel welcome. Smile, be courteous and say thank!

FOUND PUCKS- Kids can turn in a found puck for a lollipop or 2 small items for $.25 candies. Pucks for shooting range or labeled SR CANNOT be turned in for candy. BLACK ONLY!!!

If you have any questions please contact: Abigail Hernandez 712-449-5417.   We will be more than happy to help you.

Thank you for volunteering this program would not be possible without parents like you!