Team Selection Policy & Process


The goal of the selection process is to ensure accurate and fair assessments of each player and to place every player on a team with the appropriate skill level where they will be provided the best opportunity for growth in their hockey skills, commitment and maturity.

Teams are selected in accordance with USA Hockey, MWAHA & SDAHA rules. At least 2/3’s of the players on a team must be within the age division in which the team is registered.

Based on registration, certain age levels require more than one team. The selection procedure is intended to identify players suitable to play at A & B levels which occurs at the squirt level and above.

It is our objective when forming teams to act in the best interest of the players and the program. It is the responsibility of all those involved to maintain honest, fair and unbiased assessments.

Team Selection Process

·         The Coaching Director is responsible to bring the overall registrations to the Coaching Committee and determine number of teams needed at each level.

·         The Coaching Director alongside the Coaching Committee shall oversee the process and ensure team selection is fair and unbiased.

·         The Coaching Director shall request 2 unbiased and knowledgeable people to view 2 practices in which the Evaluators can assess the following:



o   Skating (Speed, balance, agility, edges)

o   Puck Handling (Stickhandling, retention)

o   Passing (Power, accuracy, reception)

o   Shooting (Power, accuracy, release)



o Determination/Drive/Work Ethic (Desire to excel, consistent work ethic in practices & games)

o Coachability (Listens to instructions, executes to the best of his/her ability, ask questions, admits   errors, wants to be better)

o Resilience (Not discouraged easily, rebounds from errors, performs well under pressure)

o Positive team player (Put team before self, remains positive, will accept a variety of roles)

o Leadership (Encourages others, respects teammates, leads by example)

o Fitness Level

o Hockey IQ: understands the game, where to be and when to be there, supports team play, understands body positioning and head’s up hockey


·         The Coach shall establish a practice plan in which players can be shown demonstrating a wide range of skills and abilities using skills-based drills, small area games, and small area scrimmages

·         The Evaluators will be provided the SCHA evaluation form from the Coaching Director. All evaluations are confidential and are not shared with players or parents

·         Each Evaluator shall independently rank the players by the end of two sessions.

·         Once the evaluation practices are complete the evaluations are given to the Coaching Director.

·         The Coaching Committee along with the Coaching Director and the Coach review and determine the most suitable level for each player to play.

·         The Selected Head Coach will communicate this to all parents

·         One of the most difficult components of the selection process is the placement of “Bubble” players who are at the margin between the two levels. These selections will be made with assistance and careful consideration of the SCHA Coaching Committee, Coaching Director and Coach. In the case of “Bubble” players additional consideration will be given to the player as to whether they can understand instructions, show consistent effort and attendance, exhibit a high level of hockey intelligence, demonstrate the ability to work well in a team environment and are physically and emotionally mature.



·         Evaluations and team selection will occur after the first two practices of the season.

·         Ideally, selections shall take place between the 3rd and 6th practices to ensure team practices can commence as soon as possible. Due to the nature of fall sports schedules, the timing is at the discretion of the Coaches and Coaching Director. It is intended that all players are available during these practices.

·         There shall be a minimum of 2 evaluation sessions, however the coach may request one additional practice to best determine player placement


Absent Players

·         When a player cannot attend an evaluation because of a family-related conflict, injury or illness, the parent or player must inform the Coach and Coaching Director prior to practice.

·         Players absent from an evaluation shall inform the Coach & Coaching Director prior to practice. If the player cannot attend evaluations, the player must provide a valid reason. In the case where the player did not attend the evaluation sessions, the Coach, Coaching Committee and Coaching Director shall place the player on a team based on all the available information about such player including level of play the previous year and previous years’ and current coaches assessment


Placement Requests

·         Specific team assignment requests are generally not permitted and should only be made in cases of extreme hardship. All such requests must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors detailing the need for the placement and will be considered only if the request is for participation on a lower level team within the players age bracket. Placements will not be made if it would significantly impact the makeup and skill level of a lower level team


Notes regarding the Selection Policy & Procedure

·         In accordance with USA Hockey rules, players on teams shall follow the age range established for their division. Players transferring from another association must play at their age level.

·         Roster sizes and level of play are determined in accordance with the SCHA polices and shall be reviewed annually based on registration to determine team size. All team sizes must be in accordance with USA Hockey, MWAHA & SDAHA.

·         No “Grandfathering” Provision: There is no guarantee that a player will be placed on the same level team from season to season. No spots are “reserved” for returning players on any team. A consideration will be given to those players that are considered 2nd year players at a given level as they will be moving up in the following year.

·         Evaluation sessions will be determined once the practice schedule and registration are complete. The coach, scheduler and Coaching Director will determine the schedule and practices by which players will be evaluated

·         It is important to recognize team selection is not done by a single coach or person. The Selection policy allows for multiple persons to evaluate, discuss, and determine suitable teams

·         In the case where a child is related to an Evaluator, Coach, or member of the Coaching Committee, that person shall not comment or be privy to deciding regarding their child or relative.

·         Please do not attempt to contact evaluators or coaches during the tryout process, as that type of communication undermines the integrity of the process