Residency Policy

SCHA has a commitment to provide an opportunity to youth who reside in the SCHA region (25 miles from SCHA rink) to explore and play hockey. For players outside the region, those who live in a neighboring association region, or those who have played with another association, SCHA has no commitment to provide opportunity. The following applies to players for whom SCHA does not have a commitment to provide opportunity.

  1. Any player may remain in the association as long as they have played in the previous two consecutive seasons. Players in their first two years must demonstrate commitment to SCHA and dedication to the player code of conduct. Parents must also demonstrate commitment to SCHA and dedication to the parent code of conduct. If this is not demonstrated, they may be asked not to return in the following season. (This does not supersede any disciplinary action taken by the board.)
  2. Players must apply to the board for admission into SCHA. Completing registration requirements does not automatically imply acceptance into SCHA, but it is the first step.
  3. Players who have played in the previous season for another association must present a release letter in their application from their prior association.
  4. The following items will be taken into consideration when reviewing the application from players who reside outside SCHA region:
    • Whether or not the player's application is received in a timely manner with regards to normal registration dates and the start of practices.
    • Whether or not the player's skill level is appropriate for the team that he is registering for.
    • Whether or not the player has previously played for another association or resides in another association region.
    • The commitment and ability of the player to attend practices and games.
    • The acceptance of the player should not significantly reduce, below normal levels, the playing time of players who reside within SCHA region.
    • The reason the player is applying to the association.
    • Other information submitted to the board in person or in writing.