Player Code of Conduct

Athletes should realize that professional behavior and a commitment to excellence well assist them in meeting their goals. This commitment reflects positively both on the individual and the team as a whole. 

Athlete's Code of Conduct: 

The athlete understands that he/she: 

•    Accepts the consequences of their own actions
•    Will be a good sport weather they win or lose
•    Listen to and obey all coaches instructions
•    Do not touch or take anything that does not belong to them
•    Must always tell the truth.


Team Rules:

The athlete agrees to the following:

•    To respect team rules as set out by Team Coach-including curfew and training (coaches need to be on the same page on what these rules are).
•    To treat coaches, athletes, referees, hotel and restaurant staff, and all other individuals associated with your trip with courtesy and respect.
•    To maintain a standard of tidiness in their hotel rooms.
•    Remain within the boundaries of the facility as well as within eyesight of the coaches.
•    Athlete must report to practice on time.
•    Use of tobacco or alcohol WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

•    Use of any illegal substances WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
•    Harassment in any form WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
•    Illegal activity of any kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
•    Cursing, or foul language WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
•    Cell phones or any devices with a camera in locker rooms WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
•    To discuss grievance or problems of any nature, with the coaching staff in a timely manner.
•    To respect all competition rules and the principles of good sportsmanship throughout the competition.
•    To pay ALL TEAM FEES on time by the end of season.