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Mini-Mites, Mites and Squirts representing SCHA at the Oct 15th Stampede Game

SCHA Fundraising 2021-2022 

On September 13 2021 Pizza Ranch is holding a Community Impact Night for SCHA. For this we will send out a sign-up sheet for volunteers to work 2 shifts.

Then on September 15 we will officially open up Fundraising for the SCHA. Fundraising will go from September 15-October 31. Turn in dates will be the first week of November with pick up dates the week before Thanksgiving.

League Players will need to raise $500 and 2nd year Minis-Mites will need to raise $250. This breaks down to 25 pizzas for 2nd year Minis-Mites and 50 pizzas for League players.

Payment is required on drop off date and we will either accept 1 check for the total or we will do 1 Venmo transaction. We would appreciate you to collect monies at the time of selling, but to have them make it out to the player or the players parent(s).

Ice Melt: Once we have the final registration list of who is participating in fundraising vs buy outs, we will be able to determine if we will have “X” number of buckets to sell individually or by family. If it works out and we can sell per player then you will be able to use that towards your $500.00.

**If you participated in the Ace Farms Harvest, we will track your hours at the end of harvest and take off what you earned off your total to raise. Example: if you work a total of 11 hours for harvest that would earn you $110.00 towards your fundraising goal and the remaining amount required to raise would be 28 pizzas.

If you need further clarification on how this works, please call me or text me at 712.202.4995.

On behalf of the Fundraising Committee please know we are striving to turn fundraising into more Community driven opportunities vs Door to Door sales, but in order to make that possible we need a little Patience, Grace and VOLUNTEERS!!! I know buying out sometimes is ‘easier’ but let’s not forget what fundraising is truly about! Let’s make this year a fun and exciting one!